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Flower Kings'Meet the flower kings' [CD] { } ~25.00.00 05135

CD-ROM (MP3). The Boy-King Tutankhamun Oxford Bookworms Library 1:
I can see wonderful things! - said Howard Carter, when he opened the tomb of the Egyptian boy-king Tutankhamun, in 1922.
          589 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Разное
Level 1 (+ Audio CD) King Arthur. Автор: Howard P.
Only the true King of England can do this.
          709 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Разное
             2016 год          76 стр          мягкая обложка
Аккумуляторная батарея Pitatel "TSB-039-MAK12-13C", для инструмента Makita, Ni-Cd, 12 В, 1.3 Ач
          1584 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Аккумуляторы и зарядные устройства
Аккумуляторная батарея Pitatel "TSB-039-MAK12-20C", для инструмента Makita, Ni-Cd, 12 В, 2.0 Ач
          1864 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Аккумуляторы и зарядные устройства
Speed Kings Автор: Dirk B.
It fascinates an ever-growing community of fans from around the world.
          2761 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Искусство
             2007 год          128 стр          220x40x172 мм          твердый переплет
A Clash of Kings. Song Ice & Fire Автор: Martin G.R.R.
From the ancient citadel of Dragonstone to the forbidding shores of Winterfell, chaos reigns as pretenders to the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms prepare to stake their claims.
          579 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Литература на английском языке – прекрасный вариант не терять время
             1999 год          913 стр          мягкая обложка
Meet Me In Istanbul Exercises with 2 CD Pack (+ Audio CD) Автор: Chisholm R.
Том Смит прилетает в Стамбул к невесте, чтобы вместе с ней провести там отпуск.
          842 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Иностранные языки
             2005 год          72 стр          мягкая обложка
Oxford Bookworms Library 1: Sherlock Holmes and the Sport of Kings Автор: Sir A.C.D.
The highly acclaimed seve\ n-stage system of gradi\ ng, from Starter to Stage 6, remai\ ns the same, helpi\ ng you to fi\ nd the right level for all your stude\ nts. Horseraci\ ng is the sport of ki\ ngs, perhaps because racehorses are very expe\ nsive a\ nimals. But whe\ n they wi\ n races, they ca\ n make a lot of mo\ ney too - mo\ ney for the ow\ ners, for the trai\ ners, a\ nd for the people who put bets o\ n them to wi\ n. Silver Blaze is a you\ ng horse, but already the wi\ n\ ner of ma\ ny races. O\ ne \ night he disappears from his stables, a\ nd someo\ ne kills his trai\ ner. The police wa\ nt the killer, a\ nd the ow\ ner wa\ nts his horse, but they ca\ n' t fi\ nd them. So what do they do? They write to 221B Baker Street, Lo\ ndo\ n, of course - to ask for the help of the great detective, Sherlock Holmes. Help your stude\ nts read their way to better E\ nglish with this \ new editio\ n of the world' s best graded readers - \ now with a \ new ra\ nge of World Stories, fully revised Factfiles, more audio, a\ nd \ new tests. The \ new editio\ n i\ ncludes the origi\ nal Bookworms stories, plus the Starters, Playscripts a\ nd Factfiles, maki\ ng it easy for you to see the full choice of books at each Stage.
          426 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Изучение английского языка
             2008 год          56 стр          мягкая обложка
Girl Meets Boy (+ Audio CD) Автор: Derek S.
The boy wants to be with her too, but there are problems.
          595 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Адаптированные тексты
             2008 год
The Blue Flower Автор: Henry V.D.
Dark-blue were the rocks that rose at a little distance, veined with white as if strange words were written upon them.
          1146 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Зарубежная проза А-Я
             1902 год          326 стр          мягкая обложка
The Crushed Flower And Other Stories Автор: Leonid A.
It happened in the following way:
          1146 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Зарубежная проза А-Я
             1916 год          356 стр          мягкая обложка
The Flower Of The Chapdelaines Автор: George W.C.
          1146 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Зарубежная проза А-Я
             1918 год          342 стр          мягкая обложка
In Kings' Byways Автор: Stanley W.
          1146 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Зарубежная проза А-Я
             1902 год          352 стр          мягкая обложка
The Kings and Queens of Britain Автор: John C.
Feature articles throughout the guide provide in-depth information on key royal topics, including Coronations, Regalia, the Tower of London, and - new to this edition - Westminster Abbey and St Paul' s Cathedral. Revised and updated to include recent events, such as the second marriage of Prince Charles, this new edition also contains a topical introductory article on the changing role of the monarchy. There is a useful glossary, a list of recommended further reading, and a new appendix of recommended web links, accessed and kept up to date via a companion website. Comprehensive and elegantly written, this fascinating guide to the British monarchy is an essential reference resource for teachers and students of British history, and for anyone with an interest in Britain' s rulers through the ages.
          892 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Изучение английского языка
             2009 год          416 стр          мягкая обложка

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