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Jim Talent

The Fire Baby Автор: Kelly J.
Twenty-seven years later, investigative journalist Philip Dryden - visiting his wife, Laura, in hospital - is witness to Maggie' s deathbed confession. But some secrets are best kept secret, and what started out for Dryden as a small and curious story about the only survivor of an almost-forgotten plane crash soon escalates into a full-blown murder investigation. And while Dryden is wondering what other secrets Maggie carried, his semi-conscious wife is trying to tell him something that might just save his life. . . Summer, 1976. A plane crashes on a farm in the Cambridgeshire fens. Out of the flames walks young Maggie Beck, clutching a baby in her arms.
          768 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Литература на английском языке – прекрасный вариант не терять время
             2005 год          352 стр          мягкая обложка
Football's Funniest Jokes Автор: Chumley J.
Football is a funny old game, and not only because of the players' hairstyles. Football' s Funniest Jokes is guaranteed to raise a chuckle even if you' re still feeling sore about that goal that was NEVER off-side. He sent on his subs. What did the manager do when the pitch became flooded?
          793 руб -20% 634 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Книги
             2014 год          96 стр          твердый переплет
Damn Good Advice (for People With Talent!). How to Unleash Your Creative Potential by America's Master Communicator, George Lois Автор: Lois G.
          915 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Книги
             2012 год          192 стр          мягкая обложка
Quarantine Автор: Crace J.
With an introduction by Stuart Evers so this is happiness, she thought.
          696 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Разное
             2015 год          272 стр          мягкая обложка
The Pesthouse Автор: Crace J.
A devastated America exists in an imagined future.
          792 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Книги
             2013 год          320 стр          мягкая обложка
All That Follows Автор: Crace J.
Now, home is somewhere he never leaves.
          704 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Книги
             2011 год          288 стр          мягкая обложка
The Gift of Stones Автор: Crace J.
A young man, a one-armed dreamer unable to work the stone, elects himself the village storyteller, and hunts restlessly, far and wide, for inspiration.
          792 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Книги
             2008 год          176 стр          мягкая обложка
The Devil's Larder Автор: Crace J.
          792 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Книги
             2008 год          208 стр          мягкая обложка
Signals of Distress Автор: Crace J.
Little daunted, the Captain and his sailors flirt, drink and brawl their way through the village, marooned along with Aymer Smith, a virgin and a blunderer in search of a wife.
          820 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Книги
             2008 год          288 стр          мягкая обложка
Six Автор: Crace J.
          792 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Книги
             2008 год          224 стр          мягкая обложка
Continent Автор: Crace J.
          792 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Разное
             2008 год          176 стр          мягкая обложка
Arcadia Автор: Crace J.
Expensively insulated from the outside world, he nonetheless finds that memories of his impoverished childhood will not be kept so easily at bay.
          879 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Разное
             2008 год          352 стр          мягкая обложка
Quarantine Автор: Crace J.
Two thousand years ago four travellers enter the Judean desert to fast and pray for their lost souls.
          792 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Разное
             2015 год          мягкая обложка
Straightforward 2A. Teacher's Book Pack (+ Audio CD) Автор: Scrivener J.
          2408 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Разное
             2016 год

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