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The Art Directors' Handbook of Professional Magazine Design

A Pictorial Review, Volume 1 Store Design Today. Retail Therapy: Автор: Melina D.
This book illustrates the potential of such collaborations.
          2647 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Искусство
             2007 год          224 стр          твердый переплет
World Premier Hotel Design Super Suite Interior.
In London, the famous Claridge s Hotel has a Royla Suite that s used by the British Royal Family so often that it s been given the nickname ' Buckingham Palace Annex' . During a two-week period when President Reagan stayed in the Presidential Suite in new York s landmark waldorf Towers, the floors above and below his suite were kept empty, and the ceilings, floors and walls were carefully checked for listening devices. it is said that for security reasons, Reagan slept in an adjoining room, rather than the master bedroom.
          4062 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Искусство
             2006 год          192 стр          твердый переплет
In Detail: Barcelona Art Nouveau Автор: Lluis P.
Besides being a survey of the most significant buildings by Domenech i Montaner, Antoni Gaud' , Josep Maria Jujol, and Puig i Cadafalch, this book also provides a detailed analysis of the forms created by the most important craftsmen of the period, many of whom have been relegated to anonymity for decades. Barcelona, on the other hand, is associated not with one or two buildings but with the blossoming of an entire movement in art history called Modernism. London is famous for Big Ben, Paris for the Eiffel Tower, and Rome for the Colosseum. An extraordinary period straddling the 19th and 20th centuries, Barcelona' s brand of Art Nouveau was characterized by organic shapes and patterns integrated by all aspects of art and design.
          6377 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Книги
             2005 год          184 стр          твердый переплет
Open House: Intelligent Living by Design Автор: Dana H.
Their projects include room installations, models, photos and films.
          5219 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Книги
             2006 год          315 стр          твердый переплет
Book-art. Лучший дизайн книг: книга на английском языке Автор: Риверз Ш.
Мы изучили книгу и с креативной, и с технологической сторон, и предоставили вам калейдоскоп идей для создания практичной публикации и достижения желаемого результата.
          1104 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Дизайн дома, квартиры
             2008 год          160 стр          твердый переплет
Logo Design Workbook
Topics include developing a concept that communicates the right message and is appropriate for both the client and the market; defining how the client' s long-term goals might affect the look and needs of the mark; choosing colors and typefaces; avoiding common mistakes; and deciphering why some logos are successful whereas others are not. The second half of the book comprises in-depth case studies on logos designed for various industries. Each case study explores the design brief, the relationship with the client, the time frame, and the results. Logo Design Workbook focuses on creating powerful logo designs and answers the question, "What makes a logo work"? In the first half of this book, authors Sean Adams and Noreen Morioka walk readers step-by-step through the entire logo-development process.
          1674 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Книги
             2006 год          240 стр          мягкая обложка
Art Yearbook 3 Автор: Melissa G.
The Yearbook is produced by Frieze Art Fair, which is held in London every October.
          749 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Искусство
             2005 год          504 стр          мягкая обложка
The International Design Yearbook
          4271 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Искусство
             2005 год          240 стр          твердый переплет
Professional English in Use ICT with answers Автор: Santiago R.E.
Easy to use and written in a clear style, this book will be invaluable for anyone needing to improve their ICT vocabulary for work, home or study.
          1610 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Английский язык для языковых вузов
             2007 год          118 стр          мягкая обложка
Professional English in Use Law Автор: Gillian D. B.
The book also introduces general legal vocabulary related to legal systems, the legal professions and the skills lawyers need in their daily working lives.
          1801 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Английский язык для языковых вузов
             2007 год          128 стр          мягкая обложка
Professional English in Use Medicine Автор: Eric G.
Professional English in Use Medicine is a must for teachers of medical English and for medical practitioners who need to use English at work, either in their own country or abroad.
          1801 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Английский язык для языковых вузов
             2007 год          176 стр          мягкая обложка
Design for Café s & Bars Behind Bars.
An inspiring compilation, the book covers a broad spectrum of bars in various design styles by designers such as Marc Newson, Thomas + Nilsson and Staat – from those serving juice to coffee to cocktails.
          4057 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Искусство
             2007 год          340 стр          твердый переплет
Serialize: Family Faces and Variety in Graphic Design Автор: R. K.
It also expounds on the function and role of serialized design.
          3655 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Искусство
             2006 год          205 стр          мягкая обложка + суперобложка
Barn Style Living. Design and Plan Inspiration for Timber Frame Homes Автор: Tina S.
Floor plans serve as your tour guide, while leading architectural photographers illuminate the astonishing spaces and intimate detailing of authentic homes.
          4829 руб   √ в наличии     Раздел: Книги
             2005 год          208 стр          твердый переплет

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