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 Trust Law The trustees owe a fiduciary duty to the beneficiaries, who are the "beneficial" owners of the trust property. In common law legal systems,

Trust Law

автор Lambert M. S. издательство Книга по Требованию Механика. Динамика
Cтраниц 88        мягкая обложка       
Аннотация:The trustees owe a fiduciary duty to the beneficiaries, who are the "beneficial" owners of the trust property. In common law legal systems, a trust is an arrangement whereby property (including real, tangible and intangible) is managed by one person (or persons, or organizations) for the benefit of another. A trust is created by a settlor (or feoffor to uses), who entrusts some or all of his property to people of his choice (the trustees or feoffee to uses). The trustees hold legal title to the trust property (or trust corpus), but they are obliged to hold the property for the benefit of one or more individuals or organizations (the beneficiary, cestui que use, or cestui que trust), usually specified by the settlor, who hold equitable title. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
Автор: Lambert M. S.
Издательство: Книга по Требованию
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Увлекательная настольная игра "Этажики", новая версия.
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Prospectus Regulations 2005 Regulatory Reform (Execution of Deeds and Documents) Order 2005 Companies Act 1985 (Investment Companies and Accounting and Audit Amendments) Regulations 2005 Companies Act 1985 (Operating and Financial Review) (Repeal) French D. Oxford University Press  
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Blackstone's Statutes on Public Law and Human Rights 2006 - 2007Blackstone's Statutes on Public Law and Human Rights 2006 - 2007
Wallington P. Oxford University Press  
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The Guide provides practical, up-to-date coverage of company, partnership, taxation, and insolvency law, plus all relevant aspects of EU law. Slorach J. S. Oxford University Press  
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Criminal Law TextbookCriminal Law Textbook
- Excellent user-friendly lay-out, structure and style with integrated learning tools throughout the text - Chapters objectives, introductions and summaries to provide a clear framework for learning and to highlight key issues - Question boxes and Heaton R. Oxford University Press  
2000 руб
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The result is an extensive and in-depth analysis of Directives, the case-law of the ECJ, and legal writing on the topic, which also engages with the more practical issues of implementation and enforcement in the courts. - The only English-language Prechal S. Oxford University Press  
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The chapters consider in-depth the principles of judicial review that are applied to control and structure EU administration and that of the Member States when acting in the sphere of EU law. - The book provides a modern, detailed examination of EU Craig P. Oxford University Press  
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Faull J. Oxford University Press  
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Foundations of Private Law: Property, Tort, Contract, Unjust EnrichmentFoundations of Private Law: Property, Tort, Contract, Unjust Enrichment
These principles shaped the development of Western law but can resolve legal problems which these older writers did not confront. Gordley J. Oxford University Press  
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How to Write Law Essays and ExamsHow to Write Law Essays and Exams
Strong S.I. Oxford University Press  
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The Institutional Framework of European Private LawThe Institutional Framework of European Private Law
It is argued that the distinction between private and public law should be redefined by acknowledging a new balance between public institutions and private parties. Fabrizio C. Oxford University Press  
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- Focusses on core elements of employment law helping students make sense of this vast subject - Concise and clearly written text providing undergraduates with a succinct account of the recent developments in labour law - Includes features such as Upex R. Oxford University Press  
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Law Society of Ireland Manual: Landlord and Tenant LawLaw Society of Ireland Manual: Landlord and Tenant Law
A number of new precedents have been included, offering a practical approach to the subject, enabling students to familiarize themselves with documentation they will encounter in practice. Brennan G. Oxford University Press  
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Law and SociologyLaw and Sociology
In common with earlier volumes in the Current Legal Issues series, it seeks both a theoretical and methodological focus. - Explores the diverse ways that law and sociology interconnect and interact - The Current Legal Issues series explores the Freeman M. Oxford University Press  
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The Law of Defamation and the InternetThe Law of Defamation and the Internet
As well as comprehensively updating the law, the coverage of European and American law has been substantially expanded, as has the coverage of ' hot' topics such as liability for linking and framing, and jurisdiction over foreign Collins M. Oxford University Press  
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New to this edition - Revised structure including a new chapter on interpretation and rectification of insurance contracts The law of marine insurance constitutes a major branch of the law of international trade and shipping law which is of Bennett H. Oxford University Press  
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