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 The Sourcebook of Contemporary Fashion Design The abridged paperback edition of The Sourcebook of Contemporary Fashion Design showcases the most innovative work from established and emerging

The Sourcebook of Contemporary Fashion Design

автор Hidalgo M. R. издательство HarperCollins Publishers Разное
Cтраниц 464        мягкая обложка       
Аннотация:The abridged paperback edition of The Sourcebook of Contemporary Fashion Design showcases the most innovative work from established and emerging fashion designers around the world. The Sourcebook of Contemporary Fashion Design also includes a visual index for convenient reference and designers' contact information. This stunning paperback volume provides easy-to-access examples of every wardrobe piece imaginable - from T-shirts to evening dresses, shoes to handbags, hats to jewelry, this lushly illustrated, comprehensive fashion companion is an invaluable resource that consumers, designers, design students, fashion retailers, merchandisers, and stylists will turn to again and again. Included in these pages are master couturiers and up-and-coming designers alike, showcasing their work in hundreds of full-color photographs and graphic illustrations. For easy reference, design illustrations, photographs, and biographical information are categorized according to style and purpose.
Автор: Hidalgo M. R.
Издательство: HarperCollins Publishers
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Поиск: The Sourcebook of Contemporary Fashion Design

Статуэтка "Маленькая леди", 10 см.
Материал: фарфор. Регулярно удалять пыль или мыть тёплой водой. Товар не подлежит обязательной сертификации.
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Раздел: Миниатюры
Бумага для принтера "Svetocopy", формат А3, 500 листов.
Офисная бумага для принтера и техники SvetoCopy А3 относится к категории качества C и является самой популярной в офисном классе,
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Раздел: Формата А3 и больше
Игра настольная развивающая "Лесные животные".
Обучающая игра пазл-липучка состоит из 8 игровых полей, заполняя которые, ребенок изучает названия диких животных, а также их повадки.
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Раздел: Сортеры, логические игрушки
100 Contemporary Fashion Designers100 Contemporary Fashion Designers
Jones T. Taschen  
1689 руб
Sourcebook of Contemporary Urban DesignSourcebook of Contemporary Urban Design
Every one also features numerous full-color photographs and detailed renderings of site and floor plans. Mola F.Z. HarperCollins Publishers  
4616 руб
The Fundamentals of Fashion DesignThe Fundamentals of Fashion Design
Each "fundamental" is supported by up-to-date theory, illustration and appropriate context to explain the underlying principles of fashion design practice. Sorger R. Художественно-педагогическое издательство  
4 руб
Contemporary Exhibit Design. No. 2Contemporary Exhibit Design. No. 2
Consequently, commercial and trade show exhibits are more than mere merchandise showcases. Pegler M.M. HarperCollins Publishers  
2013 руб
Basics Fashion Design: Developing a CollectionBasics Fashion Design: Developing a Collection
Basics Fashion Design: Elinor R. Thames&Hudson  
1693 руб
The Fashion Design DirectoryThe Fashion Design Directory
Marnie F. Thames&Hudson  
1622 руб
Contemporary Lingerie DesignContemporary Lingerie Design
This interest in luxury labels has led many young designers to chose lingerie as a creative outlet—conscious of fashion, but also with a clear view of their own "lingerie world". Dominy K. Thames&Hudson  
1703 руб
Detail in Contemporary Retail DesignDetail in Contemporary Retail Design
Plunkett D. Thames&Hudson  
5310 руб
Detail in Contemporary Lighting DesignDetail in Contemporary Lighting Design
This is accompanied by an explanatory text (how the lighting fulfilled the brief, how the lighting concept was arrived at, why particular light fittings/lamps were specified and so on). Entwistle J. Thames&Hudson  
3520 руб
Couture Unfolded: Innovative Pleats, Folds and Draping in Fashion DesignCouture Unfolded: Innovative Pleats, Folds and Draping in Fashion Design
Giannangeli B. Prestel  
1524 руб
Fashion Design Drawing CourseFashion Design Drawing Course
Organized into units that reflect required courses at leading design colleges, it contains 20 step-by-step exercises aiming to assist in finding inspiration, developing techniques of observation, and creating finished fashion drawings both in Thames&Hudson  
1906 руб
Detail in Contemporary Staircase DesignDetail in Contemporary Staircase Design
Featuring many of the world' s most highly acclaimed architects, as well as emerging practitioners, the book presents 40 recently completed staircase designs, found in homes, galleries, shops, hotels, public buildings, and offices across the LBS  
4317 руб
Книжный магазин bookin.org.ruFrench Fashion Designers
515 руб
French Style and Decoration: A Sourcebook of Original DesignsFrench Style and Decoration: A Sourcebook of Original Designs
Stafford C. Thames&Hudson  
1175 руб
50 Fashion Designers You Should Know50 Fashion Designers You Should Know
The latest volume in Prestel' s most successful series profiles the world' s top 50 designers, including Armani, Balenciaga, Dior, Galliano, Givenchy, Lacroix, McCartney, McQueen, Quant, Versace and Simone W. Prestel  
1746 руб
Ma Ke Ma Ke (Fashion Designer)
Ma Ke is the founder of Mixmind Art She has two clothing labels: Frederic P. M. Книга по Требованию  
1394 руб
The Great Fashion DesignersThe Great Fashion Designers
From Charles Frederick Worth to Nicolas Ghesquiere, designers have propelled fashion from an elite craft into a cornerstone of contemporary popular culture. Brenda P. Berg  
1880 руб
French Fashion Designers Paper Dolls: 1900-1950French Fashion Designers Paper Dolls: 1900-1950
Tierney T. Dover  
333 руб
John Bates: Fashion DesignerJohn Bates: Fashion Designer
In addition the book features contributions from Felicity Green, Deidre McSharry, Brigid Keenan, Barbara Griggs, Sian Phillips and other key figures from the fashion industry, cultural scene and media of the Lester R. Antique Collectors Club  
397 руб
Erte`s Fashion DesignsErte`s Fashion Designs
Erte Dover Publications  
787 руб
Fashion Designers at the OperaFashion Designers at the Opera
In 2009 2010 alone, Viktor & Rolf, Miuccia Prada, Emanuel Ungaro, and Christian Lacroix made successful sorties as costumers for operas in New York, Baden-Baden, Naples, and Berlin. In this sumptuous new book, leading figures in the world of Matheopoulos H. Thames&Hudson  
3350 руб
Fashion Designer. Autumn CollectionFashion Designer. Autumn Collection
Watt F. Usborne Sticker Dolly Dressing 
342 руб
Fashion Designers A-ZFashion Designers A-Z
From an exquisitely embroidered velvet evening gown to Mondrian-style minimalist chic, each chosen piece is chosen not only for its beauty but for its representative value, distilling the unique philosophy and aesthetics of each of the featured Taschen  
4571 руб
British Fashion DesignersBritish Fashion Designers
A fun mini edition of the first book to embrace the whole of the UK and its creative influence on international fashion, this will appeal to industry professionals, students, and anyone with an interest in Laurence King Publishing  
1174 руб
Sticker Dolly Dressing Fashion Designer Autumn and Winter CollectionSticker Dolly Dressing Fashion Designer Autumn and Winter Collection
845 руб
Best of Business Card DesignBest of Business Card Design
This unrivaled resource will be sought by professional designers, corporate executives, and in-house marketing departments as an essential identity and branding tool. Peteet D. Rockport Publishers  
1028 руб
The Best of News Design: 32The Best of News Design: 32
Bold, full-color layouts feature the best-of-the-best in news, features, portfolios, visuals, and more, and each entry is accompanied by insightful commentary on the elements that made the piece a standout The S.f.N.D. Rockport Publishers  
2120 руб
Dream Windows: Historical Perspectives, Classic Designs, Contemporary CreationsDream Windows: Historical Perspectives, Classic Designs, Contemporary Creations
Kathleen S. S. ACC Distribution  
766 руб
In the Oriental Style: A Sourcebook of Decoration and DesignIn the Oriental Style: A Sourcebook of Decoration and Design
Celebrating Eastern elegance as a decorative style, this sumptuous book illustrates how it can be achieved in both the East and the West. Michael F. Thames&Hudson  
1160 руб
Technical Design Fashion Source.Technical Design Fashion Source.
Through technical illustration, designers transfer their ideas to those who have to make them a reality. Asensio P. Page One  
4 руб
Re-Fashioning the Future. Eco-Friendly Apparel DesignRe-Fashioning the Future. Eco-Friendly Apparel Design
When most people think about eco-friendly fashion, their first thought is probably organic cotton or hemp. Kathleen D. Книга по Требованию  
2783 руб
Fashion Print Design: From Idea to Final PrintFashion Print Design: From Idea to Final Print
The book discusses not only the various systems for producing prints but also the problems and practicalities of printing on a wide variety of different fibres as well as the problems inherent in the use of various Angel F. A&C Black  
2319 руб
Fashion Sourcebooks. The 1960sFashion Sourcebooks. The 1960s
For women, the mature sophistication of the 1950s gave way to a straight, mini-skirted, girlish silhouette. Peacock J. Thames & Hudson  
456 руб
Architects 49: An Asian Spirit in Contemporary DesignArchitects 49: An Asian Spirit in Contemporary Design
Project categories include office, commercial and retail, hotel and resort, cultural, religious and residential, including private homes, and are located in Bangkok, regional Thailand, and internationally, including the Middle East and other Images Publishing Group  
4625 руб
Gosling: Classic Design for Contemporary InteriorsGosling: Classic Design for Contemporary Interiors
Renowned for his ability to tailor-make a room and its elements to meet the client' s individual tastes and needs, Gosling is one of the few designers who involves himself with every aspect of a project. Irresistibly classic and elegant, Gosling T. Prestel  
4904 руб
Art & Sole: Contemporary Sneaker Art & DesignArt & Sole: Contemporary Sneaker Art & Design
These specialist shoes are produced as short runs, using innovative or luxury materials, and often have bespoke packaging. Intercity Thames&Hudson  
720 руб
Contemporary Designs for Glass EtchingContemporary Designs for Glass Etching
Boldt S. Dover Publications Dover Pictorial Archives 
286 руб
Fashion Sourcebook - 1920sFashion Sourcebook - 1920s
Sumptuously illustrated with over 600 original photographs, drawings and prints, this title is a must-have reference work for not only students of fashion, but for all fashionistas. ' Fashion Sourcebook - 1920s' focuses on the Art Deco Fiell C. ACC Distribution  
3220 руб
Detail in Contemporary Bar and Restaurant DesignDetail in Contemporary Bar and Restaurant Design
Their interiors need to occupy the imagination of their customers and to whet the appetite for a return visit. Plunkett D. Thames&Hudson  
3520 руб
Great Book of Floral Patterns. The Ultimate Design Sourcebook for Artists and CraftersGreat Book of Floral Patterns. The Ultimate Design Sourcebook for Artists and Crafters
Each design includes a line drawing for easy transfer and a shaded variety to illustrate depth and shadow. Irish L.S. GMC  
1268 руб

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