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 Architecture. A Modern View Richard Rogers, perhaps the most original and inventive architect at work today, is a frequent commentator on the contemporary scene. As a practising

Architecture. A Modern View

автор Rogers R. издательство Thames&Hudson Искусство
Cтраниц 64        твердый переплет       
Аннотация:Richard Rogers, perhaps the most original and inventive architect at work today, is a frequent commentator on the contemporary scene. As a practising architect, he is in the best possible position to appreciate how economic forces can create or frustrate good design. Poor design, monotony, and inhuman scale are the results not of lack of talent nor the failures of the Modern Movement, but of a surrender to selfish interests and short-sighted economies. His book is illustrated largely by examples drawn from his own work, making it a professional record as well as a manifesto for the future. In this book, available again after some years out of print, it is especially valuable to have his philosophy of design so succinctly summarized. The crisis of modern architecture is part of a much larger crisis involving the whole question of the way we live and how we use the resources of our planet.
Автор: Rogers R.
Издательство: Thames&Hudson
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Поиск: Architecture. A Modern View
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Autodesk Revit Architecture 2010. Технология BIM для архитекторов. Официальный учебный курсAutodesk Revit Architecture 2010. Технология BIM для архитекторов. Официальный учебный курс
Несмотря на то что пособие написано для занятий, выполняемых под наблюдением преподавателей, можно использовать его и для самостоятельного изучения. ДМК Пресс  
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Scenario Architecture. A Methodology to Build a Global View of Object-Oriented Software SystemScenario Architecture. A Methodology to Build a Global View of Object-Oriented Software System
OO software engineering has been a well-known software engineering methodology for years; however, there are still some issues remaining unsolved: the engineers using imperative software engineering have a large gap to stride across when adopting Yao-Hsu T. Книга по Требованию  
1980 руб
A New Host-Based Hybrid IDS Architecture - A Mind Of Its Own. The Know-how Of Host-Based Hybrid Intrusion Detection System Architecture Using Machine Learning Algorithms With Feature SelectionA New Host-Based Hybrid IDS Architecture - A Mind Of Its Own. The Know-how Of Host-Based Hybrid Intrusion Detection System Architecture Using Machine Learning
Self Organizing Map, an unsupervised machine learning algorithm, is used. Murat T. Книга по Требованию  
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Painterly Conception of Architecture. A personal reflectionPainterly Conception of Architecture. A personal reflection
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