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 Wolverine Before he can take on Sabretooth again, he' ll need to build himself back up, get better and stronger than he' s ever been. . . but it'

Wolverine: Three Months to Die Book 1

автор Cornell P. издательство Hachette Book Group Разное
Cтраниц 160        мягкая обложка       
Аннотация:Before he can take on Sabretooth again, he' ll need to build himself back up, get better and stronger than he' s ever been. . . but it' s not as easy as he thought anymore. And when the normal channels don' t seem to be working fast enough, Wolverine will soon find himself turning to other means of revenge. Wolverine no more? ! After the events of "Killable," Logan has something to prove. But what could make Logan turn his back on the school and his friends? Wolverine' s training continues, and his sights are set squarely on Sabretooth. . . but can Logan fight back his demons, or is this the beginning of a Wolverine who' s gone to the dark side?
Автор: Cornell P.
Издательство: Hachette Book Group
1344 руб
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Поиск: Wolverine: Three Months to Die Book 1

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5. Отношение субъекта к действию; Например: You wa ed o see he room (Maurier, Rebecca, 193) Усложнители: wa , wish, will, like, love, lo g, die, ha e, i e d, mea , be goi g и др. 6. Реальность действия; Например: He failed o read he book, что означает - He did ’ read he book. и He ma aged o read he slip > He read he slip Усложнители: affec , fail, pre e d – отрицает реальность действия. ma age, co rive – утверждает реальность действия. 7. Осуществляемость действия; 8.
Заварочный чайник "Mayer & Boch", 1,5 л.
Заварочный чайник изготовлен из термостойкого стекла, фильтр выполнены из нержавеющей стали. Изделия из стекла не впитывают запахи,
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Набор детской складной мебели Ника "Фиксики. Азбука".
Это безопасная, удобная мебель, которая компактно складывается и экономит пространство Вашей квартиры. Углы стола и стула мягко
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Раздел: Наборы детской мебели
Набор цветных карандашей Stilnovo, 24 цвета.
Гексагональные цветные деревянные карандаши с серебряным нанесением по ребру грани. Есть место для нанесения имени. Яркие модные цвета.
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Their populations have experienced a steady decline since the 19th century in the face of trapping, range reduction and habitat fragmentation, such that they are essentially absent in the southern end of their European range and are quite rare in Lambert M. S. Книга по Требованию  
1394 руб
Wolverine BluesWolverine Blues
Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Lambert M. S. Книга по Требованию  
1314 руб
Wolverine Wolverine (PS2) DVD. X-Men Origins:
Он режет, пронзает и рассекает врагов, не оставляя им ни малейшего шанса.  
4 руб
Трансформер "Кроссовер" Трансформер "Кроссовер" (Wolverine)
Внимание! Данный товар продается в ассортименте.  
4 руб
Marvel Universe Vs. WolverineMarvel Universe Vs. Wolverine
One by one, the heroes of the Marvel Universe succumb to this incurable genetic mutation, and the brightest minds in the world - Reed Richards, Henry McCoy, T' Challa and Hank Pym - can' t stop the epidemic. Humanity' s last hope, Maberry J. Marvel  
554 руб
Before he joined the X-Men, Wolverine was a secret agent, skilled in espionage and highly trained in combat. But when he' s ordered to deal with a town being slowly covered by metal, Wolverine must use his greatest weapon to survive: his Marvel  
613 руб
Wolverine Max. Vol. 1Wolverine Max. Vol. 1
Starr J. Marvel  
771 руб
Death of WolverineDeath of Wolverine
Now, stripped of his healing factor, the X-Man and Avenger faces his own date with the reaper. There' s a bounty on his head, a price big enough to put a horde of enemies and assassins on his trail. The race is on to find Wolverine, but who Hachette Livre  
1671 руб
2010 Michigan Wolverines Football Team2010 Michigan Wolverines Football Team
Michigan became bowl eligible after their week 10 win against Illinois, the first time since the 2007 season, and later accepted a bid to play in the Gator Bowl against #21 Mississippi State on January 1, Frederic P. M. Книга по Требованию  
1521 руб
1931 Michigan Wolverines Football Team1931 Michigan Wolverines Football Team
The 1931 Michigan Wolverines football team represented the University of Michigan in the 1931 college football season. Frederic P. M. Книга по Требованию  
1139 руб
1950 Michigan Wolverines Football Team1950 Michigan Wolverines Football Team
The 1950 Michigan Wolverines football team, coached by Bennie Oosterbaan, won the Big Ten Conference championship with a record of 6–3–1 and defeated the California Bears in the 1951 Rose Bowl, 14–6. Frederic P. M. Книга по Требованию  
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2009–10 Michigan Wolverines Men's Ice Hockey Team2009–10 Michigan Wolverines Men's Ice Hockey Team
Frederic P. M. Книга по Требованию  
1139 руб

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