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 Velazquez. The Complete Works Life is but a dream: In the work of Velazquez, the language is everything. Thanks to the joint initiative of TASCHEN and Wildenstein, this exceptional

Velazquez. The Complete Works

автор Jose L.O.A. издательство Taschen Разное
Cтраниц 320        твердый переплет       
Аннотация:Life is but a dream: In the work of Velazquez, the language is everything. Thanks to the joint initiative of TASCHEN and Wildenstein, this exceptional publication features new photography of recently restored paintings, published here for the first time. To him, an old woman frying eggs or a buffoon was as important as a Pope or a King. For him, form was subservient to light and color; the brushstrokes were markers to help the viewers reconstruct each picture mentally - concepts adopted vehemently by the Impressionists. Velazquez' s greatest talent was creating beauty from the grotesque, imbuing each subject with a human liveliness rarely seen on canvas. In its extensive detail and comparisons, Jose Lopez-Rey' s book reveals the development of this vision. Picasso was so inspired by hismasterpiece Las Meninas that he painted 44 variations of it. Monet, Renoir, and Degas were heavily influenced by the paintings of Philip IV' s grand chamberlain. Francis Bacon famously painted a study of his portrait of Pope Innocent X. Indeed, Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velazquez (1599-1660) was more than the most important painter of the Spanish Golden Age - he was considered a precursor to the Impressionists over two centuries before that movement came into being. This catalog raisonne brings together Velazquez' s complete works - jaw-droppingly reproduced in extra-large format with a selection of delicious enlarged details - with insightful commentary on how his paintings give equal attention to all that they contain. The complete works of the visionary painter Manet called him the greatest painter of all. Things are or are not, they exist or vanish, in the same way that Calderon felt that life was like a dream.
Автор: Jose L.O.A.
Издательство: Taschen
8597 руб
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Поиск: Velazquez. The Complete Works

Алишер Навои (1441 - 1501)

Remarques sur les posi io s de Jami e de ava'i. I : A ali del'Is i u o U iversi ario Orie ale, vol. 59 ( apoli 1999), p.18-37). По своему общественному и художественному значению «Хамса» Наваи имел большое место в Средней Азии. Её много переписывали (Алишер Навоий «Хамса»сининг кулёзмалари каталоги. Составители К. Муниров, М. Хакимов. Тошкент, 1986 (на узб. яз.). В настоящее время мы имеем много списков «Хамса» или отдельных поэм из неё. Только в фондах Институте востоковедения академии наук Республики Узбекистан им. Абу Райхан Бируни хранятся 166 рукописей, переписанных в XV-XX вв., и имеющих все пять или некоторые поэмы из пятерицы. Из них 84 списков имеют все пять поэм. Изучение распространение и количество списков «Хамса» Наваи показывает, что она имела особое место в интеллектуальной жизни Средней Азии (по этому вопросу вел исследование доцент факультета узбекской филологии Национального университета Узбекистана Афтандил Эркинов: Эркинов А.С. Источники интерпретации «Хамса» Алишера Наваи в XV-XX вв. Автореферат докторской диссертации. Ташкент, 1998; Erki ov A. Les ma uscri s du Khamsa de Ali Shir avа’i e la vie cul urelle du kha a de Boukhara sous les Ma gi s. Boukhara-la- oble. I : Cahiers d’Asie ce rale. №5-6. 1998. 169-180; Erki ov A. he percep io of works by classical au hors i 18 h a d 19 h ce ury Ce ral Asia: he example of he Xamsa of Ali Sir awa’i.
Глобус географический + политический, с подсветкой "Orion", диаметр 250 мм.
Диаметр: 250 мм. Глобус Земли на подставке с двойной картой и подсветкой. Изготовлен из высококачественного пластика. Может применяться и
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Раздел: Глобусы
Игрушка-головоломка "Шар-Лабиринт".
«Шар-лабиринт» - это не только увлекательная, но и развивающая игра, способная улучшить пространственное мышление и внимание, привить
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Раздел: Головоломки
Настольная игра "Шакал: остров сокровищ".
Стратегическая игра, главная задача которой – найти клад на острове и доставить его на свой корабль. Секрет механики «Шакала» в том, что
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Accompanying a major exhibition at the National Gallery, London, it contextualises the artist' s work and discusses his influence. Manet famously called him ' the painter' s painter' , and this book seeks to explain how, and Dawson C. Yale University Press  
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Velazquez: The Technique of GeniusVelazquez: The Technique of Genius
Brown J. Yale University Press  
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El Greco to Velazquez. Art During the Reign of Philip IIIEl Greco to Velazquez. Art During the Reign of Philip III
Accordingly, the art of this period flourished, witnessing the birth of a naturalistic style that was variously reflected in a new attention to detail and spatiality in court portraiture, the thriving of still life, the humanizing of saints and the Schroth S. Museum of Fine Arts,Boston  
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As the court painter of King Philip IV of Spain, Diego Velazquez advanced to become one of the outstanding portraitists of his time. Sylvia F.P. Hirmer  
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Monetary Policy Analysis in Emerging Markets. The Modelling of Conditional Volatility in Mexico and other Developing CountriesMonetary Policy Analysis in Emerging Markets. The Modelling of Conditional Volatility in Mexico and other Developing
The first part of the book examines some stylised features in EM such as the fear of floating, the lack of credibility and the effect of central bank intervention on exchange rates under different monetary regimes including Inflation Targeting Alfonso M. Книга по Требованию  
3233 руб

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