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 Macbeth Encouraged by his wife to seize the throne, their quest for power leads down a blood strewn path that ends in madness and death in this play that


автор Shakespeare W. (Шекспир В.) издательство Penguin Group Разное
Cтраниц 288        мягкая обложка       
Аннотация:Encouraged by his wife to seize the throne, their quest for power leads down a blood strewn path that ends in madness and death in this play that explores the consequences of guilt and corruption. A man' s thirst for power ends in tragedy in this Signet Classics edition of one of William Shakespeare' s most powerful works. Издание пересмотренное и исправленное. When a trio of witches foretell that Macbeth will become King of Scotland, the brave general is consumed by ambition. This revised Signet Classics edition includes unique features such as: an overview of Shakespeare' s life, world, and theater; a special introduction to the play by the editor, Sylvan Barnet; selections from Raphael Holinshed' s The Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland, the source from which Shakespeare derived Macbeth; dramatic criticism from A. C. Bradley, Elmer Edgar Stoll, Mary McCarthy, and others; a comprehensive stage and screen history of notable actors, directors, and productions; text, notes, and commentaries printed in the clearest, most readable text.
Автор: Shakespeare W. (Шекспир В.)
Издательство: Penguin Group
432 руб
Поиск: Macbeth

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Мобиль музыкальный "Рыбки" (звук, 2 режима).
Музыкальная подвеска размещается над детской кроваткой. Мобиль - это одна из первых игрушек для новорожденных и уникальный тренажер для
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Раздел: Мобили
Магнитно-маркерная доска, 53x41 см.
Магнитно-маркерная доска из дерева и металла, предназначена для детей от 3-х лет. Двухстороннее жесткое игровое поле заключено в рамку из
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Soon his obsession to become king is reinforced by his wife’s cold-blooded ambition. . . However, after a battle he encounters three witches who tell him that one day he will be King of Scotland. William S. CIDEB Reading & Training 4 
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