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 Partners in Design. Alfred H. Barr Jr. Und Philip Johnson. Bauhaus-Pioniere in Amerika

Partners in Design. Alfred H. Barr Jr. Und Philip Johnson. Bauhaus-Pioniere in Amerika

автор Hanks D.A. издательство NBN International Разное
Cтраниц 240        твердый переплет       
Аннотация:As the 1930s began, Alfred H. Barr Jr., founder of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and Philip Johnson, distinguished architect, brought the principles of the Bauhaus to America - even before exiles from Nazi Germany fully established the idea of architecture and furnishings as a functional whole in the United States. Barr's organisation of the museum reflected the departmental structure of the Bauhaus, elevating architecture, graphic design, utilitarian furniture design, industrial design, photography and film to be on an equal footing with painting and sculpture, and endorsing all to be recognised as art. Barr and Johnson curated exceptional exhibitions such as Modern Architecture, International Exhibition (1932) and Machine Art (1934) at MoMA and created modern interiors in private living quarters. In this book, comprehensive essays and series of photos trace how modernism found its way into the American cultural landscape.
Автор: Hanks D.A.
Издательство: NBN International
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Поиск: Partners in Design. Alfred H. Barr Jr. Und Philip Johnson. Bauhaus-Pioniere in Amerika
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638 руб
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355 руб
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