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 Textbook on Immigration and Asylum Law - Takes a contemporary approach to the subject with a strong emphasis on human rights, which are fundamentally affected by immigration and asylum

Textbook on Immigration and Asylum Law

автор Clayton G. издательство Oxford University Press Изучение английского языка
Cтраниц 664        мягкая обложка       
Аннотация:- Takes a contemporary approach to the subject with a strong emphasis on human rights, which are fundamentally affected by immigration and asylum law - Supported by an Online Resource Centre providing annotated web links, problem questions to test knowledge and aid understanding, and updates and developments in the law since publication New to this edition - Increased coverage of appeals, criminalization and asylum procedures - Analysis of the 2004 and 2005 legislation, including the Prevention of Terrorism Act - Increased pedagogy in the form of tables and summaries - Now reorganised to include a new European section which brings together chapters on the European context and freedom of movement for European nationals This second edition of Gina Clayton's textbook provides undegraduates with a dynamic analysis of the law and system of control which govern immigration and asylum in the UK. Students are introduced to the subject through its historical and legal context, clarifying who is subject to immigration control, and describing the legal and administrative structure of the system. A chapter is devoted to the impact of human rights on immigration law, and this theme is pursued throughout the book. Key topics covered on immigration and asylum law courses are covered in detail. These include entry for work, including the development of the concept of managed migration, entry for study and family settlement (with a separate chapter on rights under European law). Three chapters deal with asylum claims in the UK, exploring the requirements for establishing a claim, the provisions by which a claim may be limited or denied, and in a new chapter, the increasingly important connection between the asylum process and the rights of the asylum seeker. The trend towards criminalization of migrants is also discussed. Detention, deportation and removal are fully examined as both legal powers and tools of policy in a wider field. Reference to themes such as executive discretion and the dominance of recent law-making by a policy of asylum deterrence are featured throughout the book illustrating the vital relationship between immigration law and its social and political context. Each chapter includes detailed analysis of case law and primary and secondary legislation enabling the reader to develop a thorough understanding of what is often seen as a complex area of law. Online Resource Centre The book is supplemented by an Online Resource Centre which provides annotated web links, problem questions and updates on recent and important case law or legislation. It is updated twice yearly to assist students in an area of law that is continually changing and is closely cross-referenced with the book.
Автор: Clayton G.
Издательство: Oxford University Press
2640 руб
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Поиск: Textbook on Immigration and Asylum Law


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