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 Barn Style Living. Design and Plan Inspiration for Timber Frame Homes

Barn Style Living. Design and Plan Inspiration for Timber Frame Homes

автор Tina S. издательство Schiffer Books Книги
Cтраниц 208        твердый переплет       
Аннотация:Floor plans serve as your tour guide, while leading architectural photographers illuminate the astonishing spaces and intimate detailing of authentic homes. In all, 30 homes are presented for your inspection, with imagery of exteriors, great rooms, kitchens, dining areas, intimate studies, dens, and formal living rooms, as well as spacious master suites and beautifully appointed bedrooms and baths. This book will inspire all who hope to build or furnish a unique post and beam home of their own. From the outside in, explore exquisite timber frame homes at your leisure. Each evokes the grandeur of the inherited barn-style form, while expressing the individuality of the owners who took part in designing their one-of-a-kind homes.
Автор: Tina S.
Издательство: Schiffer Books
4829 руб
Поиск: Barn Style Living. Design and Plan Inspiration for Timber Frame Homes

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