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 London Sticker Book - A fun sticker book with full-colour illustrations and descriptions of over 90 sites in Britain's historic capital.
- Every landmark has a

London Sticker Book

автор Rosie D. издательство Usborne Publishing Природа и человек
Cтраниц 16        мягкая обложка       
Аннотация:- A fun sticker book with full-colour illustrations and descriptions of over 90 sites in Britain's historic capital. - Every landmark has a colour sticker to place on the matching picture as the site is spotted. - All the key monuments and iconic items are included from St Paul’s Cathedral to Buckingham Palace, red phone boxes and double decker buses, with a few surprises along the way. - A fun activity book for a trip to London – or to do any time. - Over 100 stickers plus a comprehensive map of London and Internet links to fun websites.
Автор: Rosie D.
Издательство: Usborne Publishing
238 руб
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Поиск: London Sticker Book
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453 руб
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647 руб
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375 руб
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