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 Fashion Illustration Techniques They show which methods are best suited for specific articles of clothing while providing a good overview of the history of fashion in the 20' th

Fashion Illustration Techniques

автор Lafuente M. издательство Taschen Декоративно-прикладное искусство
Cтраниц 200        мягкая обложка       
Аннотация:They show which methods are best suited for specific articles of clothing while providing a good overview of the history of fashion in the 20' th century. Readers will not only become familiar with these individual fashion-illustration techniques, but will also learn how to combine and experiment with them. With more than 200 illustrations and brief explanations, this book offers a step-by-step introduction to the six most important methods of fashion illustration: watercolours, wax crayons, pastels, felt-tip pens, graphite and coloured pencils and collage. The illustrations in this volume were inspired by the creations of such well-known fashion designers as Paul Poiret, Madeleine Vionnet, Coco Chanel, Cristobal Balenciaga and Frowick Halston.
Автор: Lafuente M.
Издательство: Taschen
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Поиск: Fashion Illustration Techniques

Набор детских столовых приборов Apollo "Fluffy", 2 предмета.
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Размеры (в сложенном виде): 717х92х615 мм. Размеры (в разложенном виде): 17х1116 мм. Длина сушильного полотна: 10 м. Сушилка для белья
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Набор салатниц "Loraine", 10 предметов.
Форма: круглая. Материал: стекло, пластик. Цвет салатниц: прозрачный, рисунок. Диаметр: 17 см, 14 см, 12,5 см, 10,5 см, 9 см. Объем: 1,1
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Learn the Techniques and Inspirations of Today' s Leading Fashion Artists The Art of Fashion Illustration.Learn the Techniques and Inspirations of Today' s Leading Fashion Artists The Art of Fashion Illustration.
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Turn-of-the-Century Fashion Patterns and Tailoring TechniquesTurn-of-the-Century Fashion Patterns and Tailoring Techniques
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Fashion Гид. Горные лыжиFashion Гид. Горные лыжи
И ВПЕРВЫЕ - КОНКУРС на лучший рассказ о путешествии. Фэшн букс Гид Cosmopolitan 
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Энциклопедия. Fashion India. История, традиции, костюмы, косметика и ароматы, секреты красотыЭнциклопедия. Fashion India. История, традиции, костюмы, косметика и ароматы, секреты красоты
"Fashion India. Энциклопедия" является единственной в своем роде книгой о сари. Арти Д. А. Ниола-Пресс  
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Drama TechniquesDrama Techniques
Maley Cambridge University Press Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers 
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Big Book of illustration ideasBig Book of illustration ideas
Walton R. HarperCollins US  
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Книжный магазин bookin.org.ruGucci – Business in Fashion
Paola T. Pearson  
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Mariuccia C. Thames & Hudson  
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Secrets of Digital IllustrationSecrets of Digital Illustration
Each chapter includes a brief introduction to the subject area, leading onto portfolios of leading image-makers, and concludes with a step-by-step tutorial. Lawrence Z. RotoVision  
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It takes a fresh look at fashion history over the 20th century, charting the evolution from corsets to miniskirts and Coco Chanel to punk. Linda W. Carlton  
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Fashion Designers at HomeFashion Designers at Home
Marie B. Thames & Hudson  
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Vogue FashionVogue Fashion
Watson L. Carlton  
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70's Fashion70's Fashion
Heimann E.J. Taschen ICONS 
4 руб
From the 18' th-20' th Century Fashion History.From the 18' th-20' th Century Fashion History.
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Christian Lacroix on FashionChristian Lacroix on Fashion
He is also incredibly well-versed in fashion history, and he brings that expertise to bear in this delightful imaginary museum of historic and contemporary fashion. Christian L. Thames&Hudson  
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Tracing New York’s emergence after the Second World War as a major international fashion centre and looking at the important designers of the period, including Claire McCardell and Geoffrey Beene, it also takes in the last quarter of the 20th Sonnet S. V & A Publishing  
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Fashion of the 20th CenturyFashion of the 20th Century
Between the first decade of the 20th century, when women were still locked into figure-shaping corsets, to the last years of the millennium, when sexy sweats and low-rise jeans became must-have status items, fashion evolved from a luxury enjoyed by Heimann J. Taschen  
3129 руб
Fashion Source PosesFashion Source Poses
This book, which includes over 600 illustrations by Maite Lafuente, Juanjo Navarro and Javier Navarro, displays an extensive variety of poses and angles that illustrate the human figure in its essence and with the application of Lafuente M. Page One  
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Young Fashion Designers AmericasYoung Fashion Designers Americas
No matter if North or South America: the fashion designers presented in this book have the talents and skills to introduce new trends and to even revolutionize the whole fashion industry. Daab  
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Authentic Victorian Dressmaking TechniquesAuthentic Victorian Dressmaking Techniques
Kristina H. Dover Publications  
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Basic Patternmaking in FashionBasic Patternmaking in Fashion
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Fashion and Armour in Renaissance EuropeFashion and Armour in Renaissance Europe
Angus P. V & A Publishing  
1761 руб
A Year in Fashion: A Look a DayA Year in Fashion: A Look a Day
There is plenty of room for noting important dates, scribbling notes, or recording thoughts. Pascal M. Prestel  
1236 руб
Fabric for Fashion: A Comprhensive Guide to Natural FibersFabric for Fashion: A Comprhensive Guide to Natural Fibers
Clive H. Thames&Hudson  
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The Little Dictionary of Fashion: A Guide to Dress Sense for Every WomanThe Little Dictionary of Fashion: A Guide to Dress Sense for Every Woman
Christian Dior reveals the secrets of style in his indispensable guide that covers everything from what to wear to a wedding and how to tie a scarf to how to walk with grace. Christian D. V & A Publishing  
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Fashion Box: The Immortal Icons of StyleFashion Box: The Immortal Icons of Style
Antonio M. Thames&Hudson  
2081 руб
Mad About Costume and FashionMad About Costume and Fashion
Also contains a web link to a fantastic, download able Mad About poster! Deborah M. Ladybird Books  
88 руб
Isabel Toledo: Fashion from the Inside OutIsabel Toledo: Fashion from the Inside Out
Patricia Mears investigates the artistic and cultural influences on Toledo' s work and analyzes her unusual methods of construction, noting that she designs in three dimensions in her mind and then begins working directly with fabric. Valerie S. Yale University Press  
1832 руб
What is Fashion Design?What is Fashion Design?
This is an industry roadmap, a creative reference book, and a showcase of stunning and innovative design, which together enables aspiring designers to navigate the fashion world with global insight and a renewed creative - and critical - Gurmit M. RotoVision  
1134 руб
Drawing for Fashion DesignersDrawing for Fashion Designers
It gives the technical information on mastering the human figure in clothed form while encouraging readers to find their own creative style. Angel F. Anova Books  
1044 руб

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