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 Stadium Design Included are all 12 stadiums which are scene of the soccer world championship 2006. This tendency has led to increased value being placed upon

Stadium Design

издательство Daab Дизайн дома, квартиры
Cтраниц 384        твердый переплет       
Аннотация:Included are all 12 stadiums which are scene of the soccer world championship 2006. This tendency has led to increased value being placed upon architecture in stadium design. Additional uses for covered stadia may include stores, offices, hotels and restaurants. In ancient Greece, the term stadium was defined as a footrace over a distance 192 m. This distance measurement was then later used as a description for the competition facility. Nowadays a stadium is considered a total competitive sporting complex with field, oval-shaping running track, shot put, javelin and broad jump facilities as well as viewer seats and press boxes. In so doing, examples of various use types and sizes will be addressed. 32 projects are introduced, they are catching the eyes because of an extraordinary architecture. As well the "inner life" with VIP lounges will be shown. In the following, various solutions of modern stadia design are presented. Nowadays, stadia are not only simply sporting sites, but also act as tourist attractions, distinguishing features and gathering place for clubs. Plans and sketches will be enclosed to every project.
Издательство: Daab
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Country Style Kitchens: An Inspiring Design GuideCountry Style Kitchens: An Inspiring Design Guide
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One Off: Independent Retail DesignOne Off: Independent Retail Design
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1947 руб
Asian Bar And Restaurant DesignAsian Bar And Restaurant Design
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Super Potato Design: The Complete Works Of Takashi Sugimoto - Japan's Leading Interior DesignerSuper Potato Design: The Complete Works Of Takashi Sugimoto - Japan's Leading Interior Designer
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In the Oriental Style: A Sourcebook of Decoration and DesignIn the Oriental Style: A Sourcebook of Decoration and Design
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Creative Newsletter Design / Творческий дизайн журнала новостейCreative Newsletter Design / Творческий дизайн журнала новостей
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4 руб
New Design: Berlin / БерлинNew Design: Berlin / Берлин
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4 руб
The New East: Design and Style in AsiaThe New East: Design and Style in Asia
Rich photographs brilliantly showcase Asian designs for living. Here you' ll find everything you need to know about combining Western design motifs with Eastern traditional elements, such as the Japanese sliding screens; creating harmonious Rizzoli (RCS MediaGroup)  
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Floor DesignFloor Design
Floor Design stellt etwa 50 Projekte. Daab  
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Design for Aging. Review 2Design for Aging. Review 2
For further information on The American Institute of Architects, visit www. aia. org. Presented by The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Design for Aging Center (DAC), in affiliation with the American Association of Homes and Services for the Images Publishing Group  
4 руб

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